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Journal Articles in Press



Pubp_018     “A Tutorial on Vectors and Attitude,” Jozef C. van der Ha and Malcolm D, Shuster, IEEE Control System Magazine, Vol. 29, No. 2, April 2009, approx. 14 pp.  (last update: October 20, 2008).



Pubp_019     “Filter QUEST or  REQUEST,” Malcolm D. Shuster, Journal of Guidance, Control and Dynamics, approx. 3 pp.  (last update: August 20, 2008).



Journal Articles Accepted for Publication



Pubp_020     “The TASTE Test,” Malcolm D. Shuster, The Journal of the Astronautical Sciences, approx. 13 pp. (last update: August 13, 2008).  (JAS-1331)






Journal Articles Submitted for Publication



Pubp_006  “Direction Averaging and Suboptimal Three-Axis Attitude Determination,” Malcolm D. Shuster, IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems, approx 7 pp.  (last update:  August 11, 2008).  (TAES-200700019)

Pubp_008     “Speed Testing of Attitude Estimation Algorithms,” Yang Cheng and Malcolm D. Shuster,  The Journal of the Astronautical Sciences,  approx. 15 pp.  (last update:  October 4,  2008).  (JAS-1294)

Pubp_010     “An Improvement to the QUEST Algorithm,“ Yang Cheng and Malcolm D. Shuster,  The Journal of the Astronautical Sciences,  approx. 13 pp.   (last update:  October 4, 2008).  (JAS-1290)

Pubp_021     “The Nature of the Quaternion,’’ Malcolm D. Shuster, The Journal of the Astronautical Sciences}, special issue for Byron Tapley, approx. 16 pp., (last update September 24, 2008).

Pubp_022     “A Tutorial on Attitude Kinematics,” Malcolm D. Shuster, submitted to the IEEE Control Systems Magazine, ,approx. 30 pp.  (last update: November 9, 2008).  (CSM-08-30)



Works in Progress



Pubp_023     “A Tutorial on Points and Vectors,” Malcolm D. Shuster, not yet submitted approx. 6 pp., (last update, September 17, 2008).





Possible Future Attractions



                                                The TRIAD Algorithms.


                                                A General Approach to In-flight Attitude Sensor Calibration.


                                                The Miseducation of American Engineers.


                                                The TASTE Test as Hypothesis Test.


                                                A Prequel to the Attitude Representations.


                                                Validation Tests for Spacecraft Attitude Determination.


                                                QUESTM: Millennial QUEST for the New Millennium.


                                                The Imitation of QUEST.


                                                The Compensation of Attitude Measurements.


                                                The Misrepresentation of Attitude and Attitude-Measurement Error.


                                                Shisei Matorikusu.


                                                Attitude Determination: A User’s Guide.


                                                Suboptimal Filtering of Star-Tracker Attitude.


                                                Partitioned Calibration of Focal-Plane Attitude Sensors.


                                                The Attitude Kalman Filter in Flatland.


                                                Zi Tai Ju  Zhen.


                                                The Unconstrained Quaternion Kalman Filter.


                                                The Pseudo-Linear Attitude Kalman Filter.


                                                Dynamical and Instrumented Propagation of Attitude.


                                                Bias Determination for Spinning Spacecraft.


                                                The Method of Sequential Rotations.


                                                Attitude Alignment and Coalignment.


                                                The Compensation of Attitude Transfer Systems.


                                                Fusion of Attitude Estimates.


                                                Optimal Attitude Estimation: A Return to Basics.


                                                In-flight Estimation of Spacecraft Inertial Properties.


                                                Efficient In-flight Calibration of Star-Tracker-Gyro Systems.


                                                A Bayesian Approach to the Wahba Problem.


                                                A Lie-Algebraic Approach to Attitude Estimation.


                                                A Non-Singular Representation of Attitude.


                                                A Survey of Attitude Representations: Addendum.


                                                The Dihedral Angle in Attitude Estimation


                                                Attitude Determination in Outline.


                                                Attitude Covariance and Optimal Attitude Estimation.


                                                WACKOP: Wahba Attitude from Cayley-Klein Optimal Parameters.


                                                The Hyperspherical Angles as Attitude Representation


                                                The Axis-Azimuth Representation.


                                                Composition of the Asymmetric Euler Angles.


                                                GPS Attitude Determination: A Short Review.


                                                Perturbative Attitude Estimation.


                                                Universals of Attitude Estimation.


                                                Attitude Determination at Warp Speed.


                                                Prejudice in Science and Engineering.


                                                The Curse of ABET.


                                                Bang-Bang Attitude Control: A Physicist’s Approach.


                                                A Practical Approach to Target Avoidance.


                                                Ethics in Technical Publishing, A Eulogy.




                                                                                                                        So many papers, so little time.