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09 Jun 2007 Final revision of Conference articles 2007a, 2007b, 2007c, 2007d.


11 Oct 2007 Revision of preprint Pubp-006 (TAES-200700019).


24 Oct 2007 The 1987 NASA QUEST FORTRAN code for QUEST has been uplinked to the Hard-to-Find References.


10 Nov 2007 Articles 2006e and 2006f (corresponding to preprints JAS-1240 and JAS-1200 added.


19 Dec 2007 Link page added.


22 Jan 2008 Shuster Symposium Photo Gallery added.


05 Feb 2008 Article 2007e added.


08 Mar 2008 Revision of preprints Pubp-010 (JAS-1290) and Pubp-008 (JAS-1294).


08 Mar 2008 Articles 2000f and 2000g (corresponding to preprints JAS-1259 and JAS-1262) added.


06 Jun 2008 Articles 2007h, 2007i, 2007j (corresponding to preprints JAS-1193b, JAS-1193d, and 1193d) added.


03 Jul 2008 Preprint Pubp-016 added.


11 Jul 2008 Preprint Pubp-019 added.


06 Aug 2008 Preprint Pubp-018 added.


20 Aug 2008 Article 2008b (Previously CSM-10-08) added.


10 Sep 2008 Final version of AAS-08-264 (Conference Article 2008a, previously, Pubp-017 ) added.


10 Sep 2008 Preprint Pubp-020 (JAS-1331) added.


24 Sep 2008 Preprints Pubp-021 and Pubp-022 added.


04 Oct 2008 Topical Publication List added.


06 Oct 2008 Preprint Pubp-022 revised.


06 Oct 2008 Preprint Pubp-023 added.