Update Guide




Because of space limitations by Comcast.net, my website is divided over 3 homepages: home.comcast.net/~mdshuster home.comcast.net/~mdshuster2,  and home.comcast.net/~mdshuster3.   Unique items and my publications from 1970 to 1998 are on /~mdshuster, publications from 2000 to the present, preprints, and essays are on /~mdshuster2, frequently-cited and hard-to-find references are on /~mdshuster3.  You can see this by examining the URL for each page you read.  The three homepages are connected by the “Options” page, which is the only page which has links to other homepages.  Since, all other links require only the local address, if you download any other of my website files to your computer, they should preserve the proper linkages.  At least this is true on my Dell PC using Internet Explorer 6.0. 


If the links do not work on the downloaded files, the problem is do most likely to address incompatibilities, and most likely because the addresses are absolute rather than local.  Thus, the comment file for my 1981 journal article on QUEST, which has the local address: comm_1981a_J_TRIAD-QUEST.pdf  might appear for the download on your computer as

home.comcast.net/~mdshuster/comm_1981a_J_TRIAD-QUEST.pdf, possibly with still other material to the left of “home.” The thing to do is simply to delete the portion or the file name to the left of “comm.”   The pdf file names for my comments all begin “comm” (or “commp” for preprints), and the pdf paper files all begin “Pub” (or“Pubp” for preprints).   If you examine the links on the appropriate “Doorway” htm page, you will see what name of the file is that that hyperpage is supposedly linking too.  You need only correct the file name of the comment or publication pdf file to agree with it.  The names of the hyperpage links in all of the “Doorway” pages are local.


The Update list will not list every update that has been made to my website.  If one update supersedes another, than the previous update notice will be deleted, since the files pertaining to the earlier update will no longer be present on the website.  Thus, no publication pdf file or comment pdf file should have more than one notice on the Update list.